Influence and Recruiting (Reading for Recruiting Series)

The first of many books here in the Reading for Recruiting Series is written by Dr. Robert Cialdini, a professor of Psychology at Arizona State University.  The book is Influence:  Science and Practice.  In the book he outlines 6 “weapons of influence” used daily by “Compliance Professionals”. I’ve listed the 6 weapons here and how [...]

Video in the talent acquisition industry

The use of video for attracting and engaging talent is growing.  Here’s a quick primer on where the recruiting industry is in its use of video for talent acquisition. Examples currently in play: Facebook Recruiting Video Cisco Recruiting Video Google Recruiting Video Juniper Recruiting Video Sony Ericsson Recruiting Video Twitter people in the space to [...]

Passive candidates & transparency

I was recently participating in a book discussion in Google Wave on the book Trust Agents by Smith & Brogan. The topic of transparency as a way to build trust popped up. From that discussion emerged a question from an HR executive. Here’s their question: Why do search firms withhold the name of their client [...]

New Definitions of Active and Passive Candidates

There’s so much out there already on passive candidates and active candidates and the difference between the two types but I feel it is important to change the way we talk about these two types of candidates. Here are the definitions that have been used over the years. Active candidates are typically referred to as [...]