Passivecast is a non-traditional search firm that began as an Aha! Moment for a few executive recruiters with many years of experience.

We believe that it’s no longer about finding people.  In other words, if you retain three recruiting firms on the same search you’ll end up with almost the same list of prospect targeted passive candidates.  Try it.

Now that it’s easier to find your targets, the challenge is engaging those targets.  Search firms are pretty good at engaging targeted passive candidates.

Passivecast’s mantra is “Search Firm Automation”.

At our core are the fundamentals of retained executive search but Passivecast takes a different approach to engaging passive candidates.  We use video to engage targeted passive candidates.  We refer to it as Opportunity Marketing.  85% of the targets we contact about an opportunity view our opportunity overview videos.

We’re nice people too.  We’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

You can learn more at or 1-800-513-1508.